Harry Potter: 5 facts you may not know about Lord Voldemort

Voldemort is arguably one of the greatest fictional villains of all time, but how much do we actually know about the infamous dark lord? Lets dive into into 5 interesting facts you may not have know about old Voldy!

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13½ inches long, made of Yew with a phoenix feather core Voldemort’s wand is enough to strike fear within his enemies from its appearance alone. However if we look further into the wood the fabled wand is made from it becomes even more sinister.

In folklore Yew trees symbolise both Death and Resurrection. Every part of the yew tree from the Sap, leaves, berries to the seeds are extremely poisonous and can be deadly to humans. That coupled with the fact that during the Christian era people used to bury yew shoots with the dead, you can understand why J K Rowling decided Yew was the perfect material for Voldemort’s wand.

It may also be worth while mentioning that the only other person that is known to carry a yew wand is Harry’s wife Ginny Weasley, This leads us to believe that a Yew wand doesn’t necessarily only choose dark wizards rather those who a particularly powerful.



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Cat like slits for pupils, red eyes, hairless, skeletal figure, and reptilian slits for a nose. Lets be honest you wouldn’t want to bump into the Dark Lord down a dark alleyway but just how did he come by his terrifying appearance?

Voldemort in his youth was described as nothing short of hansom having seemingly inheriting Tom riddle his father and namesakes good looks. However during his rise to power he seemingly underwent numerous physiological changes making his appearance more serpentine. It is widely believed that these changes happened over an extended period of time due mainly to the creation of his Horcruxes.

So here is what we know. When he left Hogwarts he was still in possession of his dastardly good looks which he put to good use swindling people of their beloved possessions for Borgin & Burkes. At this point we know he had made at least one Horcrux out of Marvolo’s ring having murdered his muggle father Tom Riddle. It is during his time at Borgin & Burkes we see the first notable changes. During his encounter with poor Hepzibah it is noted that although as hansom as ever his cheeks appeared hollowed and we also get to see the first flash of scarlett in his eyes when he lays them on Hufflepuff’s cup which he would later turn into a Horcrux.

We now skip forward ten years to his interview with Professor Dumbledore. This is where his looks really start to shift towards the snakelike features of Harry’s nightmares. At this point it is believed he had made several Horcrux’s . During this time nearly all traces of the handsome young man he once was were all but gone. Harry describes his features as being pale, waxy, distorted and the whites of his eyes having that bloody scarlet look about them that the wizarding world would learn to fear.

Again we skip forward in time to the night the Potters sadly meet their end. This is were Voldemort’s transformation into the reptilian nightmare is seemingly complete. We know from Harry’s descriptive nightmares that he returns to his body looking the same he did before on the night his parents were killed.

Taking all this information into consideration it stands to reason that Lord Voldemort’s appearance is the by product of repeatedly tearing his soul apart to make his Horcrux’s. Dumbledore states he became less human due to mutilating his soul beyond the realms of usual evil.



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I know I know he’s a very naughty wizard who kills a lot of people but discussions I have had in the past have lead me to believe that generally people seem to underestimate just how many people he actually killed during his reign of terror. I have one word for this argument and that word is Inferius.

Now for those that don’t know or are a little rusty when it comes to their Potter trivia an Inferius or Inferi is a dead body that has been reanimated to do a dark wizards bidding. Inferi were an inexhaustible choice of weapon that he not only used for guarding his Horcrux’s but during both Wizarding wars. They were created through a form of extremely complex dark arts called Necromancy.

Dumbledore himself explained that Voldemort was well know for creating armies of Inferi most of which were made up of muggles and in some cases wizards he had murdered. Inferi are pretty much impervious to physical attacks with their only weakness being fire making them a formidable foe. So formidable in fact that when Professor Snape taught his class about the Inferi he showed gruesome pictures of a person killed by them. All that was portrayed was a bloody mass upon the ground.

Once you take all this information into consideration you have no choice but to marvel at just how much of a genocidal manic the Dark Lord actually was.



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He who must not be named was born 31 December 1926 to parents Thomas Riddle sr and Merope Gaunt. Raised in an orphanage after his mother died in childbirth and his father long since abandoning them Tom Riddle jr would remain in the orphanage unitl being enrolled into Hogwarts at the age of 11.

Once at Hogwarts Tom Riddle jr would go on to be one of the most gifted students Hogwarts had seen since Albus Dumbledore. During his time at Hogwarts he was awarded the possition of prefect, Headboy and earn special honours for services to the school. Although that last one was earned through fixing a problem he himself had created by framing Rubeus Hagrid for opening the chamber of secrets.

Once Tom had completed his education he would go on to submerge himself completely into the dark arts, systematically increasing his Skill, Power and following becoming the Dark Lord the world would come hate to fear.

Lord Voldemort was well on his way to bringing the Wizarding world to its knees when he met his match in young Harry Potter. His powers broken and his body destroyed he would find himself in exile until he successfully managed to rebuild his body and regain power. This time the Dark Lord would manage to completely take over the Wizarding world of Britain and enforce his reign of terror.

You Know Who would meet his maker in Harry Potter the boy who lived at the Battle of Hogwarts 02 May 1998, In the words of Peeves Voldy went moldy 02/05/98 at the age of 71.



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Ok so this is probably one of the most widely discussed topics regarding Lord Voldemort. What exactly made him the murderous raciest he was?

In my own opinion the most convincing of these arguments revolves around the use Amortentia during the Dark Lords conception. Amortentia (love potion) as I’m sure your are aware is classified as one of the most dangerous potions a Witch or Wizard can create. This is because it induces a complete and utter consuming obsession/infatuation with the subject of their desire.

Voldemort’s mother Merope was foolishly in love with a local muggle Thomas Riddle. Wanting to escape her miserable life (who could blame her) she took it upon herself to use Amortentia on an unsuspecting Tom who subsequently succumbed to the effects of the potion. During this time Merope fell pregnant. We all know what happened next. Merope stops dosing Tom and he ups and leaves. Merope then goes on to give birth to Tom Riddle jr aka the dark lord himself.

Now this is where it gets interesting. There are currently two main theories for old Voldy becoming the scourge of the Wizarding world he does.

Firstly is that he was destined to be incapable of love due to the use of Amortentia. Now this theory has only gained popularity since Professor Snape made the comment “those that are conceived under the influence of Amortentia are doomed to be incapable of love” in the online app game Hogwarts Mysteries.

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Secondly and the more popular theory supported by none other than J K Rowling herself in past interviews is that it was the pure absence of love that created a person so incapable of feeling or understanding love. It is completely conceivable to me that a young boy who has never known love who’s own mother didn’t want to fight and survive for him would grow up to be a monster. Ultimately though as cruel as it makes He Who Must Not Be Named his inability to understand the complexity of love is his downfall.

I am sure many of you will agree but for me Amortentia (essentially the Wizard worlds equivalent to a date rape drug) is one of the darkest themes within the Harry Potter Universe.

What do you lovely people think? Please feel free to discuss in the comments.

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